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Microbiota in Umbilical Dirt and Its Relationship with Odor​
Takehisa Yano , Takao Okajima, Shigeki Tsuchiya, Hisashi Tsujimura​
Vol. 38 (2023) No. 3 ME23007​
A Comprehensive, Automatically Updated Fungal ITS Sequence Dataset for Reference-Based Chimera Control in Environmental Sequencing Efforts​
R. Henrik Nilsson, Leho Tedersoo, Martin Ryberg, Erik Kristiansson, Martin Hartmann, Martin Unterseher, Teresita M. Porter, Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Donald M. Walker, Filipe de Sousa, Hannes Andres Gamper, Ellen Larsson, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Urmas Kõljalg, Robert C. Edgar, Kessy Abarenkov​
Vol. 30 (2015) No. 2 p. 145-150​
Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from Paddy Field Soils in Japan​
Jean Louise Cocson Damo, Maria Daniela Artigas Ramirez, Shin-ichiro Agake, Mannix Pedro, Marilyn Brown, Hitoshi Sekimoto, Tadashi Yokoyama, Soh Sugihara, Shin Okazaki, Naoko Ohkama-Ohtsu​
Vol. 37 (2022) No. 2 ME21085

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