Manuscript Submission

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically via the online manuscript submission and peer review system at the following URL:

The Editorial Office will confirm the editorial style of a submitted manuscript. An unsatisfying manuscript may be editorially rejected and returned to the corresponding author.

Publication Fees

Authors will be required to pay revised Publication fees for accepted manuscripts submitted after the start date.

For a corresponding author who is a JSME/JSSM/TSME/JSPMI member, article processing charge is ¥60,000 per article.

For a nonmember corresponding author, article processing charge is ¥140,000 per article. NOTE: Only after confirmation of payment of article processing charges, the accepted article will proceed to publication process.

Color pages which appear in printed version of Microbes and Environments need to be printed at the author’s expense. The authors who request their colored materials printed in color, the charges are ¥50,000 for each printed color page. No color charge will be applied to the authors who requests publishing color page only in the online version of M&E (the page in the printed journal is in black and white, the online journal is in full-color. The authors are advised to contact to Managing Editors for color charges as the cost is dependent on page arrangement.