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Research Highlight: The Challenges of Studying the Anaerobic Microbial World
M&E has an Impact Factor of 2.424 according to the 2013 Journal Citation Reports.
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Microbes and Environments (M&E) is a Distinguished Journal for Microbial Ecology

  • Impact Factor: 2.424
  • Open access policy
  • Topics of interest include all aspects of research on microbial ecology and environmental microbiology

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Recent Trends in Control Methods for Bacterial Wilt Diseases Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum
Microbial Existence in Controlled Habitats and Their Resistance to Space Conditions
Microbial Monitoring of Crewed Habitats in Space:
Current Status and Future Perspectives
Enteric Pathogen-Plant Interactions:
Molecular Connections Leading to Colonization and Growth and Implications for Food Safety

Research Highlight

The Challenges of Studying the Anaerobic Microbial World
Space Habitation and Microbiology: Status and Roadmap of Space Agencies
A Novel Function of Controlled-Release Nitrogen Fertilizers
Microbial Ecology Pushes Frontiers in Biotechnology

Highly downloaded articles (March, 2015)

Bacteria of the Candidate Phylum TM7 are Prevalent in Acidophilic Nitrifying Sequencing-Batch Reactors
Akiko Hanada, Takashi Kurogi, Nguyen Minh Giang, Takeshi Yamada, Yuki Kamimoto, Yoshiaki Kiso, Akira Hiraishi
Vol. 29 (2014) No. 4 p. 353-362 
Stress Response and Virulence of Heat-Stressed Campylobacter jejuni 
Anja Klančnik, Darinka Vučković, Polona Jamnik, Maja Abram, Sonja Smole Možina
Vol. 29 (2014) No. 4 p. 338-345
A Comprehensive, Automatically Updated Fungal ITS Sequence Dataset for Reference-Based Chimera Control in Environmental Sequencing Efforts
R.Henrik Nilsson, Leho Tedersoo, Martin Ryberg, Erik Kristiansson, Martin Hartmann, Martin Unterseher, Teresita M. Porter, Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Donald M. Walker, Filipe de Sousa, Hannes Andres Gamper, Ellen Larsson, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Urmas Kõljalg, Robert C. Edgar, Kessy Abarenkov
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2015, Vol. 30, No.1

- Impact Factor: 2.424
- 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.266